Pacific Engineering Corporation - Used Machine Tools Supplier

    Floor Plates & Rotary Table

No.66 ) ULTAR 200 mm Hyd. Hack Sawing Machine rise and fall – coolant and work holding vice.

No.67 ) Surface Plate No.1 (with T-slots)
Dimensions : 3050mm x 2800mm x 190mm.

No.68 ) Surface Plate No.2 (with T-slots)
Dimensions : 3060mm x 2450mm x 330mm

No.69 ) Surface Plate No.3 (plain without T-slots)
Dimensions: 4000mm x 3100mm x 400mm

No.70 ) VTL Motorised Table 1525 mm Diameter

No.71 ) ROTARY Table Plate 2950 mm Diameter x 335mm Table Height.
Approx – 5,900 kgs

No.72 ) Rotary Table :
Niles make : Dimension: 1500mm × 1250mm
Movement over slide : 1250mm.

Miscellaneous :

No.73 ) NILES Rotary Table : 1,500x 1,250 mm, 1000mm Cross Movement,

No.74 ) TOWMOTOR Forklift 6,000LB. CAP. MODEL 6005G8024 LP GAS POWERED FORK LIFT TRUCK: S/N 6005630159; 168" Max. Height Cap.; 4' Forks; Solid Wheels .

No.75 ) HYSTER Forklift -4000 LB. CAP. LP GAS POWERED FORK LIFT TRUCK; 3' Forks; 2-Stage Mast; Solid Tires; 9,939 Hours On Meter.